Modern ERP application

Software developments to suite your needs

COBRASoft develops Windows and dynamic website solutions to fulfill the needs of the clients. To satisfy their demands, COBRASoft uses the latest tools available like Microsoft Visual Studio.Net and high quality third-party components. On demand of the client, the source code can be given along with the software application.

In order to do this, the following phases are very important:

  • Definition of the client's business and needs.
  • Development of the software.
  • Implementation.
  • Testing.
  • Documentation.
  • Final implementation.
  • Support.

A phase is a part of a project seperated in order to gather a closed set of system products (or semi-products) and review the status of the project.

The cost of the software development and the model of payment is individually agreed site siminsagh upon with the client and is based on the client's needs and requirements. The core factors influencing the price and the model of payments are:

  • Precision in the client's requirements.
  • Scale of the project.
  • Complexity of the system.
  • Technology on which system should be based.
  • Scope of implementation and post-implementation support.

Helping our software suppliers

In order to deliver top software, we need top components and user-friendly applications. We search the web daily for the best of the world. Once found, we contact those companies for an in-depth beta test and provide good feedback.

Our experience in consultancy and advice is taken further towards these companies. With combined efforts, we try to make their components and our applications even better.

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