Modern ERP application

Q2C is an all-round ERP application written in .Net and is distributed by a company also called Q2C.

The latest version is being rewritten completely from the ground up and is becoming Q2C 'Morpheus'. Thanks to this transition, our customers can benefit from the newest developments in their current version and can still use the software they've used everyday.

Q2C 'Morpheus' results in more speed, flexibility, modern UI and better code which results in much less bugs, shorter testing periods and faster implementations.

COBRASoft is the lead developer of Q2C and also delivers the Software Manager and Operations Manager for the Q2C-Company.

Improve your business, the professional way

Why are you building a new computer system or application. What benefits are you hoping to obtain from it? What do you really need it to do? These questions seem simple enough, but the lack of clear answers to them is a major risk to any software development. As well as developing the product right, you need to develop the right product.

We offer consulting for IT Systems which are based on Microsoft technology. Our experience garantuees the profressional service and the selection of an optimal solution for each client.

We can help you with review and inspection at any stage of the software lifecycle. Our experienced consultants can conduct peer review of software design, specifications, test programmes, technical documentation and source code.


These systems may be one or more of the following:

  • Project Management
  • Quality Control
  • Implementation of new IT Systems
  • Analysis of current IT System
  • Upgrading/extending existing applications
  • Database design
  • Beta testing of third-party components (.Net) and applications

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